Resolution Mediation

If you can't save your marriage...
we help you save your family, your finances, and your future.

Resolution Mediation

If you can't save your marriage...
we help you save your family, your finances, and your future.

Divorce without Destruction

If you can’t save your marriage—we help you save your family, your finances, and your future.

As you consider divorce, what are you feeling?

People usually feel a wide range of emotions, but nearly everyone enters divorce afraid. They wonder:

  • How will I afford to live?
  • What will happen to my children?
  • Will I be protected?
  • What will my life look like?
  • Is this going to destroy me?

The typical adversarial process is destructive. It pits spouses/parents against each other to see who will “win.” Which means somebody—usually, both somebodies—lose.

At Resolution Mediation we offer “Divorce without Destruction.”

We can’t make divorce painless. But, we can:

  • walk you through each area of divorce to ensure you understand the issues you will face,
  • give the information needed to help you make informed decisions to chart your best path, and,
  • work with you to design the best post-divorce life possible.

If you share children, we focus on the best interests of your children. We know, no matter how conflicted a couple has become, you share the desire to care for your children. We help you build on this common ground to plan the best outcomes for your children. The good news—this benefits both of you
as well.

Whether you share children or not, our process ensures the people most affected by the decisions make the decisions. Informed decisions. We then write your decisions into an agreement, which we file with the court. You never have to go to court, but your decisions are enforceable by the court. Decisions that create a firm foundation for life moving forward. 

We offer a path through divorce focused on resolution—not destruction. As we do, we help you save your family, your finances, and your future.

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Our Services

Divorce Mediation

At Resolution Mediation we offer a process focused on guiding you through all the issues of divorce with an eye on protecting each person. When you can’t save your marriage, we help you make decisions that protect your family. We help you preserve your finances. We help you plan for a better future. We write these choices into a Settlement Agreement that we file with the Court. All decisions are enforceable by a court, but you never have to go to court.

Marital Mediation

If you want to stay married, but don’t want the marriage you have—we offer marital mediation. In Marital Mediation you create a vision for the marriage you want. We then guide you to assess how your current marriage serves this vision and where it undermines. We then help you address the key areas in a marriage in concrete, forward-focused way. You build a plan for moving from the marriage you have to the marriage you want.

Additional Services

  • Update parenting plans post-divorce
  • Paternity filing and parenting plans
  • Legal Separation
  • Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial agreements
  • Family reconciliation services

Meet Our Team

With 17 years combined experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in family mediation, Hillary, Tess and Marli decided to pool their shared vision and individual strengths into Resolution Mediation in August, 2023. We are dedicated to empowering couples to take hold of the decisions that shape their lives and helping them plan the best outcome for all affected.

Tess Worrell

Tess Worrell


Tess guides couples to create agreements that address all the areas affected by their divorce (financial, business, parenting, lifestyle, and community) and which reflect their unique values and desires. Instead of divorce tearing people apart, Tess seeks to help clients find a path from what isn’t working to what will.

One word Hillary hopes others would use to describe her is “Peacemaker.” As a Mediator with an extensive background in Human Resources, Hillary confidently approaches conflict management and resolution through collaboration to avoid destruction and preserve the relationship.

We are honored to join with Marli Emenhiser of Neutral Ground Solutions. Marli collaborates with Tess and Hillary as a Child Consultant in the Child Inclusive Mediation process. “The best part about my work with families is providing parents an opportunity to recognize what their kids are experiencing and use that information to build a better life for them.”

Testimonials From Our Patients

Our Promise To You


We seek to serve all who come to us with respect and compassion. We listen. We honor your values and priorities. We offer a path forward into a more hopeful future tailored to your hopes and goals.


We thoroughly educate you on the issues you face and the options available. We ensure clarity for both of you. No decisions are made until you both fully understand your choices and are ready to make them.


We collaborate with you to help you decide what you will do with your money, your children, your life moving forward. We then write agreements that ensure your decisions are protected.

Our Articles

In our “Articles” section we address issues ranging from “What is the process for getting a divorce?” to “How do I financially prepare for divorce?” to “How do we tell the children we are divorcing?”

If you have questions, please visit our Articles page for information. And—check back—as we continue to add more information.

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People going through divorce often feel like they are stepping off a cliff. They are keenly aware they don’t know what they don’t know. We offer answers in a process that protects people, preserves assets, and provides a way forward. 

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