Who We Are

With 17 years combined experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in family mediation, Hillary, Tess and Marli decided to pool their shared vision and individual strengths into Resolution Mediation in August, 2023. We are dedicated to empowering couples to take hold of the decisions that shape their lives and helping them plan the best outcome for all affected. 

Whether you seek to reshape the marriage you have, to move through divorce as peacefully and fairly as possible, or to adjust old parenting plans to meet current needs–we stand ready to help you achieve your goals.

About Our Practice

Resolution Mediation was born out of the conviction that families should never end up in court. Believing the adversarial process is the worst arena for trying to settle family issues, Hillary and Tess seek to provide the security of a legal process in a setting that gives decision-making power to the people who must live the decisions.

Instead of pitting spouses against each other, we help clients find solutions that meet their joint and individual needs. Clients use the financial resources built during the marriage to provide financial security for both moving forward. They craft parenting plans that nurture and protect ongoing relationships with both parents. They make decisions on areas unique to their family–such as family business or farm, navigating extended family relationships, and adjusting to changes in lifestyle. In all this we help couples lay a secure foundation for life after divorce.

We guide couples through each stage of divorce from initial filing  to final agreements–and all the steps in-between. Private. Protected. Peaceful. People move from what isn’t working to shaping a life that will.

Meet Our Team

Tess Worrell

Tess Worrell


As Executive Director of the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education, Tess worked with the CLE board to develop the training requirements for mediators. In the process, she fell in love with mediation.

Especially in the family realm, Tess saw the opportunity for mediation to help families work through issues cooperatively and make decisions tailored to their unique needs and desires. More, she saw mediation offered the opportunity for couples to move beyond merely focusing on legal issues to proactively addressing all the areas divorce impacts—finances, parenting, business, community, lifestyle. Couples could create a sure foundation moving into post-divorce life.

As  a mom of eight, Tess’s children taught her both how to help others work through conflict and that conflict should never tear people apart. She honed her skills of helping people find answers for tough situations while also protecting their relationships.

Tess combines this insight from her children with her undergraduate studies (in psychology, biology, and sociology) and her training as an attorney to guide clients through conflict to resolution. She draws on all this to assist clients to create agreements that meet the needs of spouses, children, and others affected by the divorce. Instead of the divorce tearing people apart, Tess seeks to help clients find a path from what isn’t working to what will.

Hillary Sharpnack

Hillary Sharpnack


If you asked Hillary what one word she would hope others would use to describe her, it would be “Peacemaker” — not to be confused with “Peacekeeper.” Peacemaking actively confronts conflict and tension, whereas peacekeeping avoids conflict to maintain peace. No matter the conflict type, Hillary works passionately as a Mediator to tackle and ultimately resolve conflict by first identifying the issues, discerning the underlying interests of all involved, and finally determining solutions that address the issues AND accommodates the interests.

Before family mediation, Hillary worked extensively in Human Resources for a large construction and mining company at the business unit and corporate level. Interestingly, Hillary encountered the exact two job requirements in every role she worked within the company — conflict management and resolution.

Through her corporate and educational experience, Hillary discovered a passion for solving problems and resolving conflicts in ways that establish positive relationships, thus beginning her path to becoming a mediator.

In 2018, Hillary graduated from Abilene Christian University with a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. As part of her practicum work within her master’s program, she had the opportunity to teach conflict resolution and mediation skills to college-level students in South Africa. The class focused on resolving disputes in various settings, including family, church, workplace, and community.

Shortly after attending the 40-Hour Domestic Relations Mediation Training and becoming a registered mediator, Hillary was fortunate enough to shadow the mediation style of Tess Worrell. This experience led to her desire to work with Tess in starting Resolution Mediation.

Resolution Mediation’s approach to mediating allow Hillary to serve others on a personal level in helping to resolve conflict without destruction to the relationship.

Marli Emenhiser

Marli Emenhiser


Marli Emenhiser started Neutral Ground Solutions in 2014 after Hamilton County’s only supervised parenting time service- Family Access Center- closed.  Marli continued to work as a Licensed Social Worker in the areas of domestic violence, mental health/addictions, and children/family services while growing Neutral Ground Solutions.

Today, Marli’s focus on complex family circumstances and proactive, early intervention has led her to include education, coaching, mediation, and parenting coordination services under Neutral Ground Solutions’ umbrella.   She specializes in working with children so their voices and experiences are included in the parenting time planning process.  Marli is a passionate educator about the benefits of respecting children’s roles within the family, learning from their experiences, and using that information to better ourselves as parents and caregivers.

“The best part about my work with families is providing parents an opportunity to recognize what their kids are experiencing and use that information to build a better life for them.  Personally, I’m a total empath and social introvert.  I am perfectly happy spending free time with family, a few friends, my cat, and a good book!”

Our Promise To You


We seek to serve all who come to us with respect and compassion. We listen. We honor your values and priorities. We offer a path forward into a more hopeful future tailored to your hopes and goals.


We thoroughly educate you on the issues you face and the options available. We ensure clarity for both of you. No decisions are made until you both fully understand your choices and are ready to enter agreements.


We collaborate with you to help you decide what you will do with your money, your children, your life moving forward. We then write agreements that ensure your decisions are protected.

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People going through divorce often feel like they are stepping off a cliff. They are keenly aware they don’t know what they don’t know. We offer answers in a process that protects people, preserves assets, and provides a way forward. 

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