Updating Parenting Plans

Updating Parenting Plans

There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus

Once parents navigate the difficult process of crafting a parenting plan in divorce or paternity, both usually heave a deep sigh of relief. Expectations are set. Care plans are put into place. Two homes begin to take shape.

Then, children enter a new stage. A parent is transferred. Lifestyles evolve. The parenting plan that worked so well no longer fits. Or, the parenting plan that looked like it would work so well needs adjustment.

The good news is that what no longer works (or never worked) can be changed. More, parents should know it’s perfectly normal to adjust parenting plans as children grow and lives unfold.

At Resolution Mediation we work with couples to update and adjust parenting plans to meet current needs of both children and parents. We can address areas such as:

    • Week-to-week parenting
    • Holidays or breaks
    • Financial provision
    • Decision-making
    • Specialized areas such as counseling, support services, etc.

We gather information relevant to the issues parents want to address, provide options for resolving concerns, and guide parents to craft cooperative decisions for the best interests of their children. Once agreements are reached, we write an agreed entry and submit their decisions to the court. The changes become enforceable by the court, yet parents never have to go to court. The entire process is completed in the privacy and protection of the mediation process.

For information on how to update (or create) a parenting plan post-divorce or in a paternity situation, click here or call 317-793-0825. We look forward to serving you.

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