Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

What comes to mind when you hear the term “prenuptial agreement”?

For many, the mention of “prenup” conjures images of a powerful fiancée taking advantage of the innocence or blissful love of a more vulnerable other just prior to the wedding. Others have seen prenups, created decades ago, deprive a long-term spouse of crucial support. Can prenups be anything more than a tool of harm? Yes!

While prenups have certainly been used to manipulate or deprive, they can also serve as tools to create marital security. Americans simply don’t know how to talk about money. Many even see it as taboo. Yet, couples’ failure to discuss money creates the very financial issues that rank as a leading cause of divorce.

At Resolution Mediation, our prenuptial process helps you create a strong financial foundation for your marriage. Because marriage largely makes you co-owners of each other’s assets and liabilities, we walk you through conversations that help you:

    • define financial goals,
    • create and share expectations, and
    • devise a plan for using the resources brought into and accumulated during the marriage.

Through this work, you establish a common understanding around money and a strong financial foundation for your marriage. The best recipe for reducing the chance for divorce.

More, you can use your current desire to care and provide for each other to plan how you will continue doing so—should divorce come. This significantly reduces both the animosity and pillaging of resources divorce battles create.

While many characterize prenups as undermining marriage by “simply planning for divorce,” this planning proves invaluable when one or both spouses are:

    • Entering a subsequent marriage
    • Owners of interest in a business/farm/other enterprise
    • Citizens of another country
    • Significantly disadvantaged—physically, mentally, or otherwise
    • Particularly concerned about the default applications of the law

In a prenuptial agreement, you plan ahead for how to use resources to provide for children of a prior marriage, account for a spouse’s portion from a family business, or utilize resources to provide for a vulnerable spouse. In short, instead of letting the law decide—you set your own default.

Prenuptial agreements offer opportunity to make cooperative, proactive decisions about resources brought into your marriage and those you accumulate along the way. More, you enter marriage with a pattern of working together to make financial decisions. In doing so, you help ensure you never need the agreement.

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