Saving Your Family

If you can’t save your marriage—we help you save your family


Parents entering divorce want to protect their children. We help you do just that. We offer “Child Inclusive Mediation.”

In this process, we first focus on the best interests of your children. We know that, no matter how conflicted a couple has become, they share the desire to protect and care for their children. We help you use this common ground to make decisions so that, as parents, you continue working together for the best outcomes for your children.

Mediators at Resolution Mediation first help you clearly define what you want for your children’s future. We offer information about the developmental needs of children and how different parenting plans respond to those needs. We then work with you to establish two caring, supportive homes.

Key to our process is our “Child Consultant,” a mental health professional trained in “Child Inclusive Mediation.” She meets with the children to gather their perspectives on:

  • What they want
  • What they don’t want
  • What they fear
  • What they hope for
  • What will they need to adjust to life in two homes

She then shares these insights with you. This gives children the opportunity to speak into the divorce decisions—in a protected, informal process. The Child Consultant works with you and the mediator to include these insights in crafting parenting plans.

Our Child Consultant will never assert or believe she is “the expert” on your children. She knows you are the experts. At the same time, children are often hesitant to express their desires. They know how hard divorce can be for parents. Caring children often don’t want to add to parents’ hardship.

More, children are just as “in the dark” about divorce as parents. They often don’t know what to say or ask for. Our Child Consultant helps children understand divorce and their options in it. As children experience the opportunity to raise their concerns or share their desires, fears ease.

In all this we help you build a co-parenting relationship that gives a firm foundation to your children post-divorce and protects their relationships with each of you. Children benefit. So do parents.

Research shows that Individuals who focus on their children through the divorce process do better emotionally, financially, and physically in their post-divorce life. So, even if you can’t save your marriage—you can save your redefined family.

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