Saving Your Finances

If you can’t save your marriage—we help you save your finances


People enter marriage focused on a myriad of goals. They often enter divorce focused on the money. 

People believe, for good reason, that the divorce will destroy them financially. It can—but it doesn’t have to. We offer divorce without destruction.

To protect the financial future of both people in divorce, we:

  • Educate—we thoroughly explain what is included in the “marital pot” and how the assets and liabilities operate in divorce,
  • Offer options—for using the resources of the marriage to create financial stability moving forward,
  • Assist couples in deciding which options will best serve their unique situation.


We use a comprehensive financial tool to gain a complete understanding of your financial situation. Often, one spouse understands more about the finances of the couple than the other. We gather all the information each will need to thoroughly understand your available resources and the potential challenges.

To help ensure future security, we also assist you in preparing a detailed, post-divorce budget. Understanding what life will cost post-divorce helps you make informed choices on the type of assets you need and which liabilities you can afford to pay. If there are children, the budget details children’s expenses, which offers insight into whether child support or another option will best financially support your children.

As a baseline—it helps to know that in Indiana, while there are some key exceptions, pretty much everything a person had when they married and everything accumulated during the marriage is considered part of the marital pot. So, if a person entered marriage owning a house—the house is a marital asset, even if their spouse’s name isn’t on the title. If a person enters marriage with a large student loan—the debt is a marital debt.

Offer options

We then walk you through the options for using your resources to create financial stability for both post-divorce. We discuss the differences in the types of assets—equity in the house vs. investments vs. retirement plans. We explore the goals each of you has for life moving forward and how differing assets may assist in achieving those goals. We also raise awareness of any potential areas of concern and offer options for meeting those challenges.

Assist in making  decisions

Research shows that most people need a 40% raise to enjoy the same standard of living as during their marriage. Most bosses don’t give a raise for getting divorced. So—preserving the resources of the marriage proves crucial.

Our proven process helps you work together to make decisions. We present the various options—discussing both the pros and cons of each option. We then focus on crafting plans that achieve your priorities and underlying goals. Rather than fighting each other, couples come together around a plan to best serve their individual futures.

As Richard Wagner says, “Divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things you can go through. Money spent on getting mad or getting even is money wasted.” He’s right. But, you don’t have to waste your money. We offer Divorce without Destruction to help you save your finances.

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People going through divorce often feel like they are stepping off a cliff. They are keenly aware they don’t know what they don’t know. We offer answers in a process that protects people, preserves assets, and provides a way forward. 

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