Divorce without Destruction

All too often, divorce is destructive.

Divorce Mediation

Whatever else they feel, people entering divorce feel afraid. Afraid of: 

  • How will I afford to live?
  • What will happen to my children?
  • How will I be protected?
  • What will my life look like?
  • Is this going to destroy me?

All too often, divorce is destructive. The typical adversarial process pits spouses/parents against each other to see who will “win.” Which means somebody—often both somebodies—lose. 

At Resolution Mediation we offer “Divorce without Destruction.” 

To be sure divorce changes life dramatically. Often in ways people truly do not want. To be fully honest—we can’t make divorce painless.

But, we can: 

  • walk couples through each area of divorce to help them understand the issues they will face,
  • give the information needed to help couples make informed decisions about their best path through divorce, and, 
  • work with couples to design the best post-divorce life possible, given their circumstances.

If the couple shares children, we first focus on the best interests of the children. We know that, no matter how conflicted a couple has become, they share the desire to protect and care for their children. We help them use this common ground to work together for the best outcomes for their children—and themselves. 

Children or no, our process offers a protected process for making informed decisions—ensuring the people most affected by the decisions make the decisions. Once couples decide on the finances, the family business or farm, the liabilities, the parenting, and any other issues–we write the decisions into an agreement, which we file with the court. Couples rest assured that their decisions are secure. Decisions that create a firm foundation for life moving forward all involved.

If you can’t save your marriage—we help you save your family, your finances, and your future. We do this by offering a path through divorce focused on resolution—not destruction.

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People going through divorce often feel like they are stepping off a cliff. They are keenly aware they don’t know what they don’t know. We offer answers in a process that protects people, preserves assets, and provides a way forward. 

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